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Why GoDDEX ?

GoDDEX is the first decentralised exchange for GoChain based ERC standard tokens, GoChain is 100x faster than Ethereum so on GoDDEX exchange users can trade 100x faster than any decentralised exchange based on Ethereum


Trade on secured and fastest decentralised digital asset exchange


Secure Trading

We will be using GoChain smart contracts to allow users to trade digital assets directly from wallet-to-wallet.


Fully Protected

No depositing required so users will have complete control of their assets, Ledger users also can trade securely.


100x Faster

Because we will be using GoChain blockchain for GoDDEX exchange so we will have 100x speed of transactions.


Trading Views

GoDDEX trading graphs will be equipped with advance tools and indicators so that users can use strategies easily.


Buy / Sell Tokens

Easy process to buy / sell any tokens listed on GoDDEX with just few clicks.


Trading Pairs

GoDDEX exchange will provide every possible trading pairs listed on our exchange.

Token Sale

Starting time :


Tokens exchange rate

1 GO = 5 GODX

500,000 USD 3,000,000 USD Soft Cap Hard Cap
Join Private sale
Number of tokens for sale

500,000,000 GODX (50%)

Acceptable Currency :


Token Distribution

Starting Time TBD
Ending Time TBD
Soft Cap 500,000 USD
Hard Cap 3,000,000 USD
Token Symbol GODX
Total Tokens 1,000,000,000 GODX
Token Sale 500,000,000 GODX (50%)
  • Token Sale
  • Team & Advisor
  • Marketing & General
  • Company Reserve
  • Exchange Liquidity

Fund Allocation

GoDDEX raised funds will be used in
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Operations and support
  • Legal
  • Other


Q3 2018

Project Conceptualisation

Q4 2018

TokenSale and Token Generation Event

November 2018

Testnet deployment

December 2018

Mainnet deployment

Q1 2019

Partnerships and Growth

Q2 2019

Upgrade GoDDEX

Q3 2019

Support Cross Chain Trading

Our Team

we are proud of our great team. He is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.

Mithil Thakore

Co Founder


Seasoned Entrepreneur with 3+ years of investing and working experience in the blockchain industry. Mithil is the co-founder of Quillhash, India based blockchain company currently working with Government of India to implement blockchain technology in healthcare sector. Mithil is also advising GreeOX and Maester Protocol for their blockchain implementation.


Matt Withoos

Co founder


Matt is a seasoned developer, project manager and entrepreneur. CTO at MyCryptoWallet, one of Australia’s leading exchange, wallet and crypto payment solution. Matt also started Node coworking - Melbourne based blockchain co-working space. Matt has developed and delivered digital government projects.

Sandeep Rajput



Sandeep is a full stack developer with an experience of developing applications with leading technology companies. Sandeep understands the complexity of blockchain applications and recently built _____ - a decentralised education platform for conducting exams on blockchain.

Aston YAO



Aston is a developer specialising in front end technologies. Aston was one of the key developers in building MyCryptoWallet and other blockchain applications. Aston is always keen to improve user experience in the projects he works on.

Datt Goswami



Datt is an experienced blockchain developer with research background. Datt is passionate about blockchain and always seek for new ways of improving efficiencies in the system using distributed ledger technology.

Vivek Kumar

Legal and Compliance


Vivek is an experienced legal professional specialising in Cyber Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Patent Management, Process & Procedure. Vivek has worked with various fintech companies and tech unicorns.

Anurag Gupta

Operations and Partnerships


Operations and Partnerships Anurag brings over 6 years of experience in technology sector. Anurag has a proven record of working in the fast paced technology sector and managing key stakeholders.

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